Instruction - Harness Your Dog
  The instruction here is intended to familiarize you with the basic procedure of putting a Siwash harness on your dog. It may be hard for you to believe at first but, with practice, you will be able to put a siwash harness on your dog in just a minute or two. Note that the traces and hitching your cart to the harness is covered in separate instruction.
  Harness Your Dog
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  1. Take the main body of the harness and position it so the breast strap is facing down and the nylon loop for the cart shaft strap is on top. Slide the harness body over the dog's head from the front.
  2. Carefully lift your dog's right leg through the loop in the harness body. Repeat this with your dog's left leg through the other loop. You can start with the left if you prefer :)
  3. At this point, the harness should look like this from the front. Note that the breast strap should be centered right down the middle of your dog.
  4. Slide the girth strap up through the loop at the rear of the harness side straps where they join together. Slide the girth strap up over the top of your dog and then down through the loop in the harness side straps on the other side of your dog. Fasten the girth strap on the underside of your dog.

5. Here is a view of the installed girth strap. You can see it going through the loop in the harness. You should also notice that it is adjusted so it fits neatly but is not tight.

Some people feel the girth strap is un-necessary and do not use it. I have always used it but really have not tried working my dog without it.

  6. Install the cart shaft strap by sliding it thorough the loop in the harness at the base of your dog's neck. Wrap the strap around your dog's body, over the harness side straps and fasten it together on the underside of your dog. Again, it should fit neatly but not too tight.
  7. Here is a view showing proper adjustment of the loops for the cart shaft. They are slightly above the midpoint of your dog's body.

8. Here is a view showing how you should be able to slip your hand underneath the girth strap. You should be able to do the same with the cart shaft strap.

That's it - your dog is now harnessed!

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